Saturday, 10 April 2010


Once in a village a priest found a new techinique of healing, when he first started applying the techniques of healing on patients the results were amazing & produced astonishing results. His patients were cured of many diseased where traditional medicines had failed. His love & nature decided to offer free treatments to the patients & he felt good that he was doing something for the community without any rewards or recognition, but as the time went by he started feeling that something was wrong & his healing has started to lose it's impact, also the community started taking his advise casually. One fine day he thought about the happening & he realised that since the services he offered was available freely , people has started taking him casually, so he summoned all his disciples & instructed him to discontinue the free sessions, he instructed " neither you should charge them more nor you should give them free treatment, but as them minimum fee for what you are giving them" This sudden change in attitude of the priest was critized by people but the priest did not pay any heed to it. People started paying for the treatment & were listening to the suggesstion offered & were regularly following the same, as the time passed by people found improvement in the health & the priest's treatment were giving overwhemling success. " If a person shares what he has for free, he is not selfish but the person who has aquired will never get the result which he is supposed to , only some pinch will heed him to focus on the suggesstions given" Have a nice day !!

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